Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Condomise this X-mas

pregnancies this season,
hiv contraction this month

on the road with speed
slow down
overtaking and overspeeding
drive awake

getting drunk the first time
testing drugs and trying smoke
life is precious for a trial run

this season
find reason
no treason
no confussion
only progression


Wednesday, October 10, 2012


A people propelled policy platform
A people powered constitution
A people guaranteed respect and honor
A people perfect peace

Give me what I said
The way I said it
Give me my voice
The way I said it
You have given me Zimbabwe

The draft is on the table
There is gnashing of teeth
Ayaqhaqhazela amagwala
The guilty are afraid
Of the peoples’ voice

My voice in the constitution
My only weapon for a better Zimbabwe
My voices as it is
My only hope for a Hopeful Zimbabwe
My voice, my constitution

Politics aside
Women need respect
Women need equal opportunities
Women need protection

Crying aside
Children need protection
Children need a guaranteed education
Children need to learn their mother languages
Children need free and quality education
A nation that disregards its youth
Risks collapse

Toy toying aside
Youths need jobs
Youths need equal opportunities
Youths need a share of the national stake
Youths are the backbone of the nation
Their fear is that they are powerful beyond measure

War mantras aside
War vets are veterans
They deserve rest and relaxation
Heroes are our making
Heroes deserve respect
Party declarations on this is unacceptable

Give me a constitution that respects human rights
Give me a law book that respects minorities
Give me a supreme textbook
that guarantees me freedom of expression
And after expression
Give me my voice
I will identify with it

A people propelled policy platform
A people powered constitution
A people guaranteed respect and honor
A people perfect peace

Monday, September 17, 2012

A Letter To My Comrade

It’s not dear Comrade
There are no salutations
The news is bad news and sad
Ngezotsheko losan’engutsheni zenkosi
Ngezomsuzo womkhenyan’ esiyavela
Hatshi kubi, kufana lempisi

The revolution which we started
Has lost meaning and sense
The combat spirit we once had
The gallantry we twice had
Has been quenched
By the money from borrowed land

Comrade, it’s not dear
Just like Lobengula when they came
Though uninvited,
The sugar was sweet thus he sold
Today Comrade,
You have forgotten the raison d'ĂȘtre
You are dining with the mischievous sprite
As you look at me
You see a conspirator, trouble causer

Thursday, August 23, 2012

If I die today...


If I die today,
please don't cry a lot.
Dance and ululate.
sing the old funeral song
which has no emotion or passion

If i die today
Make it simple
No expensive cascade
No body viewing

No long speech
Just bury me
Never delay the ants' party

If i die today
I would have died
So bury it.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Their Condition-Their sin


they kill
      and they rape
             they are sinners.

              THEY-don’t kill
       and THEY- don’t rape
THEY-are just innocent

here, THEY-are killed
       THEIR freedom is raped
               THEIR condition is sin.

                    THEY are said to be,
                 “worse than pigs and dogs”
              by he who is worse than the devil
          all fingers point at them as sin
when some are sin and need cleansing

they kill-THEY don’t
        they rape-THEY don’t
              THEIR condition-THEIR sin

                  back to the creator
              why would he create them
          a laughing stock?
      he is the master of reason
each verse has a hidden meaning
         this is THEIR season.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012



He loved the war
Fought in the war
Won the war
But lost the battle

One year
One month
One week
One day
One night
One time
They came
He ran
Jungle became his home

They were in red berets
Carrying guns and grenades
They killed my brother
Raped mother
Fucked sister
The whole family was sucked

They followed him into the bush
Beat all villagers
Who said they never saw him
He wanted uHuru
He wanted Freedom
He wanted the Land
He wanted Sovereignty
He wanted black Independence
He wanted black economic empowerment

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Dear Sir

I don't agree with you
There are no snakes in Bulawayo
There are bees
There Peacocks
They can sting you
Uzwe sengathi uyatsha
They can ignore and you feel
like you have pooped on yourself
you once said there were cockroaches here
At list they know,
How not to vote for you
Whether you say there are
or Snakes
or Dogs
We shall live up to the name
Of never becoming your fools
Long live Snakes of Bulawayo
Long live cockroaches of the City
Long live and multiply