Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My friendly Enemy

You help me stand
To see me fall
You make me laugh
To see me cry
My enemy, My friend

Friends close
Enemies closer
I am a loser
Bushfire in the loose

You have taught me to hate
With a deeper hate
That hate, which makes one burst,
like a first time kiss
It remains dramatic
It sends a shiver down my spine
My number One Enemy
My first friend

A tiger never changes its spots
A snake is a snake
No matter what color
A kiss can fool
A smile deceives
An open heart believes

My friendly enemy
I want to see you die slowly
A slow sweet death
So touchy, so romantic
And so long
I want to see you languish
That will bring sweetness in me
Feel good at least
Like in a feast
I want to see you labor
Labor for my peace

If you don’t die first,--I will -
You will feel how lonely life is
How meaningless living is
How stupid you are
Without an enemy
Who gives you reason to breathe another day

You make my life
A bitter sweet life
Where tears flow
Past smiling chicks
In a speed so slow
And quickly bow to sorrow
Where a laugh
Transforms to a lament
You make me week in spirit
Strong in hate
And a believer in fate
Weary in flesh
Uncouth in revenge
With an anger so fresh

My friendly enemy
Friends close
Enemies closer
What a lesson?!!!!

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