Wednesday, May 10, 2017


Eating a stolen meal
while drumming a stolen Konga,
fantasizing on another man’s wife;
dreaming of an airless world-
free of all body eating ailments.

Elephants don’t trust ants,
neither do lizards trust snakes.
It’s not obvious that owls and worms
do not like each other.
Don’t dismiss their affair if you not the mediator.

Still waters run fast.
Rough waters can run deep too.
After the storm can come a hurricane.
It’s not always old age with wisdom,
give the tortoise a chance in the race.

Friday, April 1, 2016


As they starve
As they leave
Beat them...

As they strive
As they struggle to live
Beat them...

These are used to it
These are no strangers to it
Just beat them to death...
As you refuse to die,
even at oldest age....

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


In the four corners of your house (stinking)
Closed up by laws and policies (oppressive)
Cramped by security watchmen
 and cultural impediments-(threatened) Dream
Dream against all oppression
Dream and let your vision break prison bars and walls
Let the inner spirit freely, visit parliament and pay a visit to the president
Dream and believe you are invincible; you can fall and rise again
Dream and never let to be a goddess for no one never died in dreamland
Dream girl
Dream having the best jobs and looking all beautiful
Dream being the queen of all beauty who walks naked (by choice) just to spite men
Dream yourself surrounded by masturbating man who can’t even afford to rape you
Dream of a world where your “No” means “No” and you say Yes when you only mean it
Dream my sister, dream of all power that the other gods took away from you
Dream yourself with big balls the size of your breasts and a dick the size of your arm
Dream yourself resurrecting and stirring a war from your shrine
Dream yourself with all executive powers
Dream yourself taking over government violently and commanding all army
There is no treason in dreamland, dream without limits
Dreamers walk far if they wake
Dreamers are unstoppable when they wake from the lands they command
Dream artist; dream yourself in Broadway, Hollywood, Bollyhood
Dream yourself being read in every school and every scholar quoting you
Just dream-Dream-Dream- The dream won’t kill-it will make you crazier as they already say you are.