Thursday, April 17, 2014

Just a Letter

It was just a letter
Meant to make things better
The scab of the matter
Turned malevolent later

A letter. Just a silent page
Canvassing emotions of rage
So silent like a lion in a cage
At some stage
Many it can offstage

“Dear My Front men
Why you want us now to say Amen
Man, we are all men
Leave us, I say with this pen”

He never wrote back
He just sent his boys to crack
a whip on them like whack!!
And to them to go back…..

This is a product of a pen
Ink on paper in black and white
Why then are others red and bruised
Which school did they go to?
In my school, the pen
Punishes more than the gun
Of a gun you die with no trace
By a pen your fate is traced back to history

It was a simple letter
That tore his shirt
It was a simple letter
That sent him packing
It was just a piece of paper
That gave him so much pain

The letter…
Just like the ballot...
Proves too weak…
To change a system

May be a bullet
Posted in a gun
Is a better package
To deliver a revolutionary massage.

Please don’t write me a letter

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