Monday, August 20, 2012

Their Condition-Their sin


they kill
      and they rape
             they are sinners.

              THEY-don’t kill
       and THEY- don’t rape
THEY-are just innocent

here, THEY-are killed
       THEIR freedom is raped
               THEIR condition is sin.

                    THEY are said to be,
                 “worse than pigs and dogs”
              by he who is worse than the devil
          all fingers point at them as sin
when some are sin and need cleansing

they kill-THEY don’t
        they rape-THEY don’t
              THEIR condition-THEIR sin

                  back to the creator
              why would he create them
          a laughing stock?
      he is the master of reason
each verse has a hidden meaning
         this is THEIR season.

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