Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Declare War!

On corrupt governments
On undisciplined regiments
Which take people for granted
Those bodies of missing people
Purporting to be Members of Parliament
Making Parliament a house of play
Some gay
When masses starve and rot in poverty

Declare war
“I declare…..
On leaders who inspire hate
Preach xenophobia
Sprout racism
Fueling tribalism
Condoning regionalism
Allowing cannibalism
Subjecting nations to gloom
Causing doom
Making people butcher each other
Brother killing brother
Shedding innocent blood
Letting it stream like flood
Blood of children and women
A brood of vipers
Who know no amen!!!

Declare war
“I declare …..
On Politicians
Who value politricks
Who think hating
The British, Americans
Is patriotism
I declare war
On African leaders
Who indicate left to turn right
Calling people povo
Flourishing on lootocracy
Forgetting democracy
Prospering on corruption
Letting their erection destroy a nation

Declare war
“I declare ……..
On Africans
Who call other Africans Aliens
Worse kwerekwere
Declare war
On brothers labeling brothers trash
Killing each other for cash
I declare war
On Cain for killing Abel
Xenophobia they say
Shit on it I pray

“I declare...
On 1st world, 2nd world, 3rd world
Manmade divisions
It is satanic diffusion
To cause confusion
I declare war
On blood diamond dealings
Daylight stealing
People suffering and dying

Declare war
“I declare …….
On racists and rapists
On passive poets
I declare war
On those who want no peace in Afrika
I declare a war of peace
Never war on peace
Or against peace
Peace be still Afrika

Uma bedelela
Phela siyiziqholo
Sizaba qwaqwaza
Ngoba Siyinqaba
Ngenkani siyinqaba

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