Friday, November 19, 2010

Crime Scene

I watched my brother collapse, struggling under the heavy weight of starvation,
There was nothing I could do for I was too weak to breathe and too strong to die,
The police were swarming everywhere, searching for the state enemies,
People have died so many deaths before the actual death,
The leaders were manufacturing plastic smiles to put on
On the next television show to block the vision of the masses,
Singing sent them to gallows tunes in off tune mode.
And enacting the advancement of poverty act,
Yet you see their children driving expensive cars,
At the expense of the masses who are no strangers to social and political injustices.
The gap between the leaders and masses is widening,
Election time they come around to begging for our votes,

Mr Government man you have turned parliament to a crime scene,
Parliament is now a crime scene.
Everyone in parliament is the entrepreneur of sin.

The ministers of education is burning the minds of the children,
Writing books that down play historical facts,
Contaminating the minds of the children with crap,
He drafting educate lead them to ignorance bill,
And tomorrow it will be passed in parliament with 100% majority.
Some schools are dilapidated, some schools are closed,
Where them youths, future leaders get education?
They continue to sub-educate the people so they will continue subjugating them.
Is education a privilege?

by Ras Quinton

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