Tuesday, May 24, 2011


1963 was the year
25 may is the day
Let us celebrate brothers and sisters
Let us celebrate our unity
And dignity

Let us celebrate even in our oppression
Let us celebrate and remind our leaders the cause
Let us celebrate our strength
Let us celebrate the power of the black man
Let us celebrate the strength of a black woman
We are Africans, and we celebrate Afrika day

Let us celebrate the freedom of our lions
The freedom of our rivers
The freedom of our birds
The freedom of our minerals
Let us celebrate
The freedom of our land
Let us celebrate Afrika

We celebrate the victory of Uganda
The victory of Zimbabwe
The victory of Azania
The victory of all African states
The victory against colonialism
We celebrate the victory,
That ushered us into a new war
A war and permanent struggle between blacks,
And blacks.

Addis Ababa still echoes in our minds
Ethiopia still remains in our thoughts
We celebrate and remember Nkwame Nkruma
Nelson Mandela and Chiluba
Seretse Khama and Uhuru
We shout Uhuru Afrika

As we celebrate Afrika Day
Lest we forget the true beginning
Be reminded dictator
Be reminded you who rule with an iron fist
Remember and be reminded of the day
The day when Afrika stood as one

Afrika for Africans
Men and women of valor
Let us celebrate our power
Let us celebrate our unity
Mayibuye iAfrika !

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