Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I don’t trust

They take from the former,
Their hate is deeper,
Their violence is worse,
Their promises have no base.

I don’t trust the clenched fist
It has destroyed since its first
It remains up for crushing
Any action opposing

Neither do I trust the open palm
It looks fake and represents no calm
It’s too weak though
It can’t prepare national dough

I don’t trust the men in parliament
They are all products of hate and protest
After all, in their high wheels they careless
Of the voter who was once sleepless

I don’t trust the police
They don’t protect, they force
I don’t trust the private eyes of his Excellency
They kill and mistake my decency

Leaders of this day don’t trust
All citizens they distrust
I don’t trust them either
For they trust not each other

You can die for your creativity
You can be arrested for any activity
Your thoughts may get you arrested
Your voice can get you castrated

I don’t trust any political party

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