Monday, June 13, 2011


I sat to write a different poem
A poem against my style
I sat to write a poem
A poem of love

I stopped to write about hate
The dictator and the bad system
The politics and the corruption

I stopped and reflected on me and them
I saw them walk the streets
With no home
No love
No shelter
No food
No representation

They meander without a cause
They flood the streets
You fear them
You hate them
You don’t even trust them

This poem is for the child on the African streets
When it’s cold like this
When life is tough like this
How do they survive?

Budgets are made
Budgets are presented
Yes the nation budgets
Nothing for the street kids

Spare some love brother
Why break to hearts?
When you can share your love,
with the child on the street?

They are on the streets
We care not for them
They don’t vote
They are Zimbabweans
What rights do they hold?

As we commemorate
The day of the African Child
Let us remember,
Afrika has children on the streets
Afrika has some who sleep with no blankets
No food
No love
No hug
With no one to care

As we commemorate,
Let us remember
Zimbabwe has street kids
Zimbabwe has no budget for the street child
Spare some love

I took some time to write
A different poem
Not my usual style
Where I speak of the man of office,
Who forgets his duties.
I will not speak of the political violence
I will charge on domestic violence
I will not speak of human rights
I will speak of children’s rights
I took sometime
To remember my brothers
And sisters on the streets

Love and let live
Live with love live
Love love to live
Live in love and love
Live to love my loved
Love lives to make live
Streets know no love
Streets know no respect
Peace and love Afrika
Peace and love Zimbabwe

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  1. this poem is a great reflection of the state of street children in Africa.I found it very uplifting and hope many more will see it